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Squeeze lime slices to release some of their juice into the water before adding them in.Transform your plain boring water into a nutritious drink by infusing it with fresh fruits and herbs with the Vremi Dazed and Infused Pitcher.

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11 Delicious Infused Water Recipes (& Benefits

Fruit and cucumber-infused water is a refreshing drink for a baby shower, lunch or anytime you want flavor with no calories.

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Pitchers are also lovely for serving infused water to guests or at parties.I drink a lot of water year round and sometimes it just gets plain boring.

Fruit Infused Water Recipes That Will Help You Stay

It can filter 1 gallon of great-tasting water in just two minutes.

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Slice up some fruit, add some veggies or herbs, place it in a pitcher, add cold water, and chill for a few hours.Allow the fruit to infuse for at least 15 minutes before drinking.

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Yet contain only a hint of the fruit, but with a strong distinctive flavor.Fill the ice insert with water and freeze solid to chill your lemonade on a hot summer day without watering it down.

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Item 1.5L Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher. 1.5L Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher.A great way to add some flavor to your water is to infuse it with fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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Store in refrigerator for refreshing filtered fruit infused water.The design is simple but very effective, making it easy and fun to use.

The pitcher can be continually refilled without having to replace the fruit.

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Fruit-infused waters are a wonderful and refreshing drink option for summer when the sun is.

One of the favorite fruit flavored waters is the strawberry infused water, which is as delightful and nutritious as other preparations using various fruits, herbs, and vegetables.


If you purchase something through one of these links, I will earn a small commission while the price you pay remains the same.Well, if you get one of these cool pitchers, you can have naturally fruit infused water right at your fingertips.Prodyne beverageware will help you create delicious cocktails and drinks for your guests with this innovative product collection.Place sliced fruit in a pitcher and add water to fill the picture.Instead make your own fruit infused water at home for a fraction of what you pay at the store.To make infused water, the glass water pitcher is no exception due to its convenience and practicability.

But all the same, the recipes above provide a lot of inspiration.If you want to turn up the volume on your flavoring you can muddle (squish) your fruit.You can make a serving of infused water in a single glass, or use an fruit infusion pitcher to make a large batch.

Combine fresh star fruit (carambola), fresh fennel, and fresh mint for a refreshing infused water with a fruity and herbal flavor.

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You can add virtually any fruit to a pitcher of water and re-use the fruit for flavoring several batches before needing to replace it.

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