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Minnesota Ice will design the best refrigeration package for your rink project.As ice rink operators and refrigeration contractors prepare for a post R-22 world, retrofits at R-22 rinks have been completed or are underway in a number of communities.

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Refrigeration pipe grids, ice rink chillers, circulation pump stations, hockey boards, ice resurfacers, ice maintenance equipment, ice building to ice maintenance products and more.Trane organized a site visit to one of the many arenas that had been operating Trane chillers in similar.Habitat for Humanity- MidOhio wrote - 24 Hours of Hockey for Habitat presented by the OhioHealth Chiller will take place on June 14-15, 2019 at Chiller North in Columbus, Ohio.

We provide rink refrigeration pipes grids, chillers, rink perimeter boards, hockey dasher boards, ice resurfacing machines and other ice maintenance equipment, ice building and ice maintenance products, skates and other ice sports industries accessories.

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The goal of Ice Business is to offer the customers economical and environmentally-friendly chillers with a power consumption as low as possible while maintaining optimum performance.

The Ice Rink Control System (IRCS) is designed to control and monitor ice rink facilities to ensure a high quality ice surface during game-time while providing energy savings features making it possible to achieve system payback in less than two years.However, all do require. highly efficient and economical refrigeration.

The purpose of this layer is to maintain a constant ground temperature in order to prevent any dislocation.

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Akron has new ice bumper cars for the rink at Lock 3 park downtown.These refrigeration systems are built to last and provide increased flexibility to customers.

The refrigeration system of indoor ice skating rink usually adopts two refrigeration methods: direct expansion and indirect cooling.Enjoy an afternoon of family skating or celebrate a special occasion at one of our skate-of-the-art ice rinks.

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Old equipment that was used for seven years after a contractor recommended it be replaced caused the deadly ammonia leak at an ice rink in Fernie in October, says an organization that oversees.

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Ammonia leak at Fernie ice rink linked to aging equipment

Avoiding permafrost damage to the rink substrata Permafrost is a serious problem with the typical sand floor and continuous use.

Industry Expert Report By John Burley - 4 - Ice rink chillers, which use ammonia with a flooded chiller, have one large refrigerant circuit.

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Take your family out for an afternoon of skating and fun at Chiller Easton.


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Guaranteeing real ice on such a large rink extent is a costly enterprise and the goal was to find energy saving solutions to maximize operating efficiency.

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In addition to large ice rink and arena refrigeration equipments, we also supply small scale glycol cooling equipments for backyard ice rinks.

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